Commercial Image Proofing : Digital Color Inc

hard & soft proofing

Digital Color accommodates our clients’ individual proof needs. When our client needs to have a physical (hard) proof, we produce Epson Proofs.

Epson Proof – An industry standard proof that prints CMYK images that are easily reproduced. These can also be done in black and white.

Soft Proofing is for clients who require a digital copy of their proofs. Our digital hub is built around the Kodak Insite System. It allows remote, multi-user collaboration for communication across the team no matter their location.

HUB provides a platform where high-res files are posted and secured with a password. This allows your team to annotate and approve all pages, images, and labels. Because the files are being viewed directly on our server, you can zoom into the images to make sure every detail matches your standards.