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Flexo Plate Machine

Flat top flexo dots anyone?

A long-time client recently asked us to supply plates for their new flexo press that was going to be printing freezer and steam bags on poly. The first thing we did was reach out to our Kodak reps to see what options we had.

When we compared the Kodak Flexcel plates to others, we found there was almost no comparison. Let’s see, do I want to be able to hold .4% with the Kodak plate or just hold 4%? So the decision kind of made itself.

Our installation of the Kodak Trendsetter Flexcel NX has made a nice positive difference for this client. No more clogged and flat highlights that result in flat and dull images. No more long make-readies. No more unhappy customers.

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This is what we have been doing here for 30 years…..making things better for our clients.