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Lately weʼre seeing red….but itʼs not what you think.
I know “seeing red” is sometimes referring to being very angry. Or if you are “in the red” in the context of finances that means your venture is un-profitable.
Weʼre seeing red these days since Milwaukee Tool seems to really like our work and we greatly appreciate the business. It seems since we pushed a huge project through our studio, the hits keep coming.
A few months ago, a large client of theirʼs needed hundreds of product images, pronto.
So, we set up several bays and 3 photographers and over the course of three weeks, their client got everything they needed……images, clipping paths and product clean ups.
This was only possible because we have more production bandwidth between photographers, retouchers and support staff than any other supplier in Wisconsin.
So in the end, only the products were red: Our client made their customer happy which in turn meant the resulting web site was up and generating green in record time. This particular formula for success can be expressed like this: red x green = black