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Meet our new Intern…..

The impossible has happened. Not too very long ago (at least it seems to
me only yesterday) Amy and Jim blessed our family with our first
grandchild. Now just a blink later Bennett Kohlhardt is our summer
Marketing Intern.
Of course, I remember him as just a tiny little boy with his whole life before
him and now to see what he has become is very gratifying.
He is working on special projects as well as interfacing with some of Jim’s
clients and whatever else comes up in between. We are very happy to
have him with us for the summer. Who knows, he might like this industry
and decide to spend the rest of his life in it, like I have.
We now have three generations all working together with one common goal
and that is to continue to serve our existing clients while positioning our
companies for the future. Very exciting stuff…..